Story Analyst
Kathleen Cromie is a playwright and story analyst based in Los
Angeles.  Her plays have been produced in America, the UK, and
France (in translation).  She is the writer & producer behind the
graphic novel “Academy of Villains” and the first podcast on the
French Resistance in WWII, “La Resistance.

In 2014 & 2015, Kathleen made the top ten in the PAGE Awards,
with her hour-long drama pilots “Jumpers” and “The 5th.”  She
also took first place in the sample category of the 2014-2015
Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition.  For more info about her
competition placements, check out her LinkedIn profile.   

Kathleen is an alumnus of Boston University and the UCLA
Professional Program in Writing for Television.  She was once in
a play protested by Nazis and the experience was just as
awesome as it sounds.  She is member of the Los Angeles chapter
of “Women who Whiskey” and is a certified Irish whiskey taster.